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Just a quick question for you guys, and I’d appreciate if you could answer in the comment section below. Subscribers – please DO NOT HIT REPLY ON YOUR EMAIL. PLEASE GO TO THE ONLINE VERSION OF THIS BLOG TO COMMENT. THANKS.

Some people asked me why I have not commented on the recent Canadian budget. Well, I have put together a synopsis of the budget and how it will impact us, specifically via the impact on debt (which impacts the loonie and taxes), and of course, inflation. I must confess that as I explored the new policies from the budget, and then took a look at the horrible developments in Canada (knowingly accepting China electoral interference, further scandals with known Liberal friends  to act as  “independent judges”, more selfish personal perks for the PM, etc) I began travelling down that road that I sometimes call a “rant” blog.

So here’s the question(s):

  1. Do you want to read a blog strictly focused on the budget, which will be somewhat ranty, but not “full bore”. It will focus specifically on tax, debt, and economic impact.
  2. Do you want me to include with the budget blog some comments about the ongoing transgressions and my genuine fears of the current Canadian political landscape. Or just leave that out altogether?
  3. Have you no interest in the budget and its impact, and prefer I just focus on the market in the next blog?

Understand that, no matter what, I post a rant blog at year-end, as I have for a decade now. Also, understand that I am past the point of caring if a PM supporter gets offended by my comments. Interestingly, people actually come to ValueTrend because we are fiscally and morally conservative (which never used to a unique perspective). Don’t forget – I used to vote for Chretien for his, and Paul Martin’s, fiscal conservatism, not to mention moral ethics. So don’t pigeon hole me politically – I’m after a smart, ethically sound government and must speak out when we don’t have one. The rants are always source-backed and accurate – I make sure of this. Its like pointing out that the grass is brown, and should be green. Tough noogies if you like brown, dead grass. I’m going to comment on the state of the grass  – it is what it is.

So, comment below, and let me know if you choose door number 1, 2, or 3 from the above, Monty!


Thanks – Keith




  • Please points provide points 1 and 2 in your blog. I am especially interested in your foresight on impact of current budget/government of economical future of Canada. Comments on economic transgressions are welcome.

  • Just number one for now. In the west we feel kind of left out as Ontario and Quebec need to move to save us from the on going gong show that is the federal Government. But then on the other hand go ahead with number two. Every time the Government is called out maybe we convert a couple of votes.

    • You’re already a technical Rock Star.
      For a little diversity, option 2 would be just fine sir.

  • Door # 2 Please
    Always enjoy reading your rants and opinion
    on government issues.

  • Option 3.
    While the budget and government are important topics, that invariably effect (to a degree) our Canadian market, I would prefer a market focused blog. Its really your abilities on the market that we pay you for and what I like to read. I personally have a very strong dislike for this government (putting it mildly) but would rather not hear about transgressions etc in the blog unless super relevant to impacting our investments.

  • #1. The budget does impact the markets. For example, its impact on start-ups having difficulty to get financing.

  • I like #2….I think this is great FOOD FOR THOUGHT , I believe you research what you write about and most people are not aware of a lot of what goes on . I.may not agree with some thing but it makes me think about what I think …

  • door #3 with a caveat – (strong) just focus on the market (/strong):

    but obviously if something in any budget or political decision will have an impact on the market, fair game, let’s hear it.

  • Good morning, I believe #1 would be insightful. Impacts to Canada and Canadians as a result of the debt levels that we bear including how our standard of living will be effected going forward would be useful. I am also concerned
    about the erosion of the Canadian dollar going forward as a result of these debt levels and the potential impact to our buying power when compared to currencies like the Euro and US$$. I can’t imagine that a materially stronger US$ and Euro when compared to the loonie will be beneficial to Canada except perhaps for exports. Also , OECD forecasts for Canadian Productivity for the next 10 years are abysmal. Hard to see how all this adds up to a better future for Canada and your outlook would be appreciated.

    Signed: a concerned Canadian and increasingly a US and Euro investor,

    John Hopkins

  • Number 3 please. Budget analysis and comments are provided ad nauseam by a large number of media, economist etc…
    I would rather prefer you spend your valuable time & expertise focusing on the market.


  • Always 2

    1st – This is your blog. We may come here to benefit from your market info, but you likely get benefit from venting your larger concerns. You have already stated your bias upfront, you always warn ahead of time that a rant-blog will be upcoming, and it is always source-based opinions… You shouldn’t feel the need to limit yourself to once-a-year.

    2nd – Through your ongoing writings & videos (& course), I’ve come to see you as kind of an acquaintance who shows up at my kitchen-table everyweek to discuss markets & T.A. with me. Sometimes the neighbours (other blog-readers) chime-in with comments that add more food for thought. If you have concerns beyond the charts (social, political, etc.), then for sure I want to hear viewpoint. I may choose to disagree with you, but at least I’ll know where your mind is at.

    So that’s MY rant 😉

  • #2 please.
    I’ve been reading your blogs long enough to kinda have a feel for what you have to say. But say it anyway. Always inciteful and prescient.

  • Keith.

    You do you.

    I think we all read your blogs/comments because we respect your opinion and analysis, even if its ranting style. I hope we are all adult, real people who can handle someone else’s opinion. Everyone rants. But, if people want a polished, pro-government blog, let them read an investment house/Big Bank analyst’s comments. If you said something that upset me, I’d still read you … because ultimately you are still reasonable, logical and provide a solid view of the markets.

  • Door 2. Venting will get the frustration out of the system. Grab some tea or coffee an desert after. But macro insight of markets is key too.

  • #3 please… its a fair vote, its your blog, your money spent on server and website fees BUT I really do enjoy your financial/TA/contrarian blogs MUCH MUCH more than the political ones. I really don’t like the state of any politics/party/views in any country at the moment and would prefer to just come to this blog and not be reminded how stupid all governments everywhere are becoming.

  • option 2)
    I appreciate the time and effort you put in this blog. It’s insightful and different from mainstream media, with a different thought pattern.

  • No. 2- Rant away… Funny, When I think of No2 it always reminds me of “Justy” anyway… A big pile of it… Your info is fact based and I think its important for readers and clients to know that information presented is not media colored. Not to mention reading numbers is boring sometimes.


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