Using Point & Figure charting to magnify your trading success

Last week I interviewed John Copp, CMT, who made a 37 year career out of specializing in Point & Figure trading. John studied the P&F charting of Technical Analysis legend Tom Dorsey. John has both written and lectured on Point & Figure techniques over his career.

Covered in this interview:

  • Filtering out the noise to discover the true trend of the market
  • How to interpret & use P&F charts to enhance your trading success
  • A reliable method to mark both stop loss and profit targets using P&F charts
  • Applying P&F methods to indicators (I found this part of the discussion to be quite enlightening)
  • How to scan through dozens of charts quickly and find potential buy candidates


Here’s the video link. Hope you enjoy it!



One Comment

  • Thanks Keith for inviting John Copp and highlighting this rarely used technique.
    Clear and precise.
    Learnt about the basics, risk reward calculation and sector rotation.
    Would love to look at the US mkt in detail using P&F charts.


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