Upcoming events you want to know about

October 5, 20231 Comment

Here are some upcoming events that you will want to be aware of:

Keith on BNN next Tuesday

I’m on Bloomberg BNN MarketCall this coming Tuesday October 10th at noon. Its a call-in show, and I’m happy to answer your questions on individual stocks, or discuss Technical Analysis techniques.

I do appreciate it if you mention you read my blog when you call in. My shows have been getting above average call-in volumes, so you should make a point of calling near the beginning of the show to get priority.

Note:  Calls are prioritized over emails.

CALL TOLL-FREE 1-855-326-6266 during the show
Find us on Twitter:
Specify questions are for me…Email:[email protected]

Sideways book update

I just submitted the revised transcript for my Technical Analysis book, originally published in 2011. In it, I’ve updated my argument for a sideways market in the coming years. The book still contains the timeless principles of TA in an easy to understand format. The book should be available in the next couple of weeks or so. I will post a blog when its officially out. Meanwhile, here’s the new cover for the book (always fun to do something new!):

Sideways book cover


Other stuff

  • The ASK US ANYTHING “ANSWERS” video featuring Craig and I answering your investment questions should be posted tomorrow (Friday). If you subscribe to the videos, you’ll get it in your inbox. Click here to subscribe. ValueTrend Video subscribers (feedblitz.com)
  • We just sent out our latest ValueTrend update newsletter. In it, we featured a few of our trades featuring individual positions we recently acquired and sold for our platforms. This newsletter provides readers with “The inside scoop” on information normally only privy to our clients. Subscribe here: ValueTrend Wealth Management : Sign Up to Stay in Touch (constantcontact.com)
  • Honestly, folks. If you choose NOT to utilize our Portfolio Management services, you need to have a trading plan to ensure you survive the non-trending market environment we may will be contained in for some time. My online course is the best way to develop that plan. Way cheaper than loosing a ton of money through an undisciplined trading strategy!! Or worse, by dealing with a traditional Investment Advisor without the level of trading sophistication needed for current markets. Click here to learn about the course: ValueTrend Technical Analysis

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