The Problem with ValueTrend

February 16, 202317 Comments

I wanted you guys to be the first to see the release of a project we’ve been working on. Its a 1.5 minute “ad” for ValueTrend… but its not what you think!

Its a humorous, tongue in cheek view of what we do!

We had a blast putting this together. This is NOT your standard  investment industry ad.

Please let me know what you think – comment below (subscribers–don’t send an email). And – if it gives you a chuckle – please forward it to your friends and family. Hopefully this gets  a smile in the otherwise often “too serious” investment industry. I hope you like it!

Watch this video to learn the problem with ValueTrend!





  • Ahhhhhh that was very cool coming from a wealth management company.
    Very creative and gave me a good chuckle.

  • Funny! Seriously though, compare average annual returns for the past 25 years to the TSX or S&P 500 would not be joking around.

  • Your sense of humour adds to the benefits of following your philosophy / structure of investing.

  • Love it……and also Keith’s sense of humour in his writing and blogs!!

    Who says you can’t have fun at work….

  • I really like the funny add. I would suggest to make it shorter as in the second part, it seems to me that you are repeating the same messages as in the first part, just keep the funny visuals and would remove some of the text to make it shorter.

    Great piece of work !

  • Love it!

    As a USA resident, unfortunately I cannot join you Keith. 🙁

    My son works for an boutique investment management firm in USA and they focus 100% on risk management. It’s fun to talk to him about his interactions with RIAs across the country.


  • Very funny, certainly a different type of asset Management add. I agree that second clip in the kitchen could could bring up the 5 year return or lower volatility, peace of mind, more free time with the wife (lol) , or whichever metric you like etc vs repeating same message of last year 5% return.
    I like the black and white tag line , very 1920’s vintage
    Love the Blogs, even 12 daze of Christmas rant

  • I like it. Tongue in cheek and the humour works, shows me you have personality

  • Precisely the reason I put all my money with Value Trend
    Funny ad and very different, just like the total experience as compared with so many other alternatives out there.

  • Very funny and campy. Grabs your attention. Too long if you’re going to broadcast this ad on TV. As Al amongst others said, shorten up the 2nd half of the ad by eliminating the repetition of the 5% up.
    Excellent ending punch line Keith, really gets VT’s key message across to the viewer.
    Let us know when and where you will broadcast the Ad.

    • Thanks Ross–and thanks everyone who commented. Yes, it is a long (1:30) ad. We have our producer breaking it up into 15 second and 30 second bits. It will be used entirely via social media.

        • Ross- I honestly don’t know – we have hired a social media company to locate spots where the ad will reach appropriate audiences–they use algorithms – I’m not an expert there so I hired them.


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