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Risk on

There are signs pointing towards a bullish market right now. The main ones being: A definitive break over the old […]

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Money never sleeps

The movie “Wall Street” featuring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen (in Charlie’s pre-weird days) is a Wall Street classic. I’ve […]

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Bear-o-meter drops a point

Gotta admit I was a little surprised at today’s reading of the Bear-o-meter. My last reading of the compilation, which […]

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Have you seen the VIX?

The VIX (often called the “fear index”) has moved from the status of being suppressed for most of last year […]

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Long termed and short termed signals suggest caution

For those who follow this blog regularly, you may know that I follow two macro-market timing models. One of these […]

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Words from the wise

At ValueTrend, we pride ourselves in being one of the more open and “fully disclosing” Portfolio Managers on the street. […]

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Winnie the Pooh and the Market

“Pooh always liked a little something at eleven o’clock in the morning, and he was very glad to see Rabbit […]

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Bear-o-meter turns bearish

I last updated my short and longer termed trading systems in July. The longer termed system, which I like to […]

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Three things you should know about the markets new highs

A breakout throughout old resistance of S&P 500 at 2135 is bullish. As such, we are legging into the markets […]

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Lessons from a VIX trade

I sold my VIX ETF yesterday. It was interesting to watch that index spike into the 20+ range from a […]

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