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Outlook for the loonie remains questionable

  The Canadian dollar continue to follow a short termed price channel that I have noted on this blog in […]

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Home, home on the (trading) range

  The trading range looks likely to continue for the S&P500 and related indices for a while yet. Recent market […]

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Opportunity in REIT’s approaching – but not a sector for the timid

REIT’s can be a choppy sector to own. Since 2003, the sector has been hit hard on a few occasions. […]

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Short termed bond charts looking dangerous

The seasonal time to own bonds is from May to October, according the Thackray’s guide. Typically, as stock markets weaken […]

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Opportunity in Europe?

A reader asked me to blog on Europe, so I will cover it in this blog. Europe is a big place […]

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Congratulations on Becoming Rich!

This being the Chinese Lunar New Year Kung, I thought I would start off this email with the traditional greeting […]

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Loonie about to land

The Canadian loonie has been waging a 2-way war since 2011. First, it has faced challenges of swimming against the […]

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Oil is setting up

Below is the December 2008 – June 2009 daily candle chart for WTI crude. Note the similarities between it and […]

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Australia: home of fast moving markets – and fast cyclists

  Australia holds a couple of points of interest for me right now. First,  as a bicycle racer, I was […]

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Markets may experience a 20% correction this year

  January ended with a loss of 64 points on the S&P 500 in 2014 –and last month was no […]

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