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Technical notes on the USD and Loonie

The USD looks like it’s going to be stuck in the trading range that I predicted on this blog several […]

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Currency Conundrum

Canadian investors holding US stocks have felt the pain of a rising loonie since the beginning of this year. Both rising […]

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Loonie about to land

The Canadian loonie has been waging a 2-way war since 2011. First, it has faced challenges of swimming against the […]

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Markets may experience a 20% correction this year

  January ended with a loss of 64 points on the S&P 500 in 2014 –and last month was no […]

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Targets for the USD and loonie

  A number of investors have asked me if the US dollar has moved up too far, and if the […]

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Loonie for the loonie

  Here’s a chart of the loonie vs. the USD that I have posted on this blog site many times […]

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Bond market weakening again

  A bit of housekeeping first: I will be on BNN television’s “MarketCall Tonight” show tomorrow, Tuesday March 11th at […]

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Triple index breakout

  Three major US market indices broke out yesterday. The S&P 500 US large cap index, the Nasdaq 100 US […]

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Canadian dollar may have more downside

  Back in early November, I suggested that investors keep some USD exposed securities in their portfolio, and “snowbirds” (people […]

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Benefit from a strong U.S. dollar

Right now, it makes sense to have some USD denominated securities in your portfolio. Further, if you are a “Snow […]

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