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US banks more attractive than Canadian banks

Canadian banks, as represented by the BMO equal weight bank index, are within a few percentage points of some very, […]

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Regional banks may be next to jump

I mentioned on my “Outlook” blog that the US banks are amongst the holdings we at ValueTrend have rotated into.  It’s […]

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Opportunity in US banks

Recently, I wrote a commentary on the Canadian banking sector. My general comments were that the sector may have broken […]

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US banks are like a  crazy train

  I’m humming Ozzy Ozbourne’s song “Crazy Train” as I write this blog. Talk about a parabolic move. The US […]

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Don’t buy the US banks until they break out

  I watch the BMO Equal Wt. U.S. Bank ETF (ZUB-TSX) as my benchmark for that sector. I’ve traded it […]

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Comparing charts: US. vs. CDN banks

Canadian banks Our banks are looking technically strong as they finish their earnings season. However, I will not be buying […]

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Are US banks about to break out?

Bankers are the people we love to hate – especially the big US banks. Nobody likes them. Occupy Wall Street […]

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