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It’s the end of the world,  as we know it

By now, readers know that I sometimes draw inspiration from classic rock n’ roll for my blogs. I went to […]

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Nasdaq momentum slowing

Keep an eye on the NASDAQ, and the big tech’s / Biotech stocks that influence it. Yes, the index is […]

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Today’s hero becomes tomorrows zero.

I’ve referred to the market over the past few years as a “stealth” market. That is, one that sees money […]

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Social media: a sector ready to “Like”?

The Global social media ETF contains such well-known names as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, and Google. When I tore the […]

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NASDAQ buying opportunity

  After a panic blow off such as last Wednesdays, there are typical signs to follow that suggest a bottom […]

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3 experts offer guidance

An interesting round-table discussion was held by BNN television featuring: Philip Silverman, Managing Partner at Kingsview Management in New York, […]

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Will markets pull back in February? and Thackray’s newsletter note that February is the second worst month of the year, following only September in poor […]

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Is Apple a buy or a sell?

On October 10th, I noted on a blog ( that I felt Apple might fall to under $600/share. At that […]

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Apple may lead the NASDAQ lower

The NASDAQ may be a bit overbought right now. Longer termed momentum signals on the weekly chart show a rounding […]

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3 Interesting Charts

Over the past 2 entries, I have emphasized that the markets look a little overbought right now – especially the […]

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