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China breaking out

The Shanghai appears to be breaking out of its small triangular formation. This coincides with a break of its downtrend, […]

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Gold and Silver are pulling back as predicted

I noted on my blogs in early July that gold (here) and silver (here) were technically bullish from a trend […]

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Hi Ho Silver, Away!!!

The Lone Ranger’s horse was named Silver. When he wanted to get that horse moving quickly, he cried “Hi Ho […]

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Gold may underperform for a while

Gold has been heading towards its longer termed target of 1300-1350—noted about a year ago on this blog. This target […]

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The walking dead are back!

The Walking Dead is a television show produced by AMC—owned by Disney Corp (a stock ValueTrend owns). It’s a zombie […]

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An AAPL a day…

Is Apple a buy right now? Somebody asked this question recently, so I’ll attempt to answer it.   Long/mid termed […]

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Another warning sign for the markets

I’ll start this blog off with a reference to Jason Goepfert’ s comments from his daily update to subscribers ( […]

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Home, home on the (trading) range

  The trading range looks likely to continue for the S&P500 and related indices for a while yet. Recent market […]

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Trading the S&P 500 for fun and profit!

  June has lived up to its seasonal tendency to be a volatile month. Thackray’s guide tells us that its […]

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Healthcare showing divergence

I noted on my last blog that several of the S&P500’s major sectors failed to confirm the S&P500’s new highs […]

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