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Don’t buy gold…yet.

Currently, gold is in the midst of forming a large symmetrical triangle. This type of triangle is a consolidation pattern […]

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Oil looks ready for a bounce

Traders, not investors, might be interested in the chart patterns for WTI oil right now. The chart below shows us […]

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$WTIC Light Crude Oil July 2016 to May 2017

Loonie weakens despite rising oil and falling USD

  It’s a fact that our Canadian dollar is influenced by the price of oil. Despite a favourable move by […]

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Oil’s well that ends well

WTI crude took an abrupt punch in the gut yesterday after a nice rally that began in early March. A […]

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Will healthcare’s breakout last?

Healthcare recently broke out of a neartermed triangle. I blogged on this potential a couple of weeks ago – here. […]

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A tale of two cities

Utilities on the US market are trading with substantially different patterns than their Canadian counterparts. Let’s take a look at […]

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A quick update on the markets

  I may post another blog later this week, but I thought readers might appreciate a quick update on markets, […]

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US banks are like a  crazy train

  I’m humming Ozzy Ozbourne’s song “Crazy Train” as I write this blog. Talk about a parabolic move. The US […]

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Has the Nasdaq Cracked?

The Nasdaq had broken to new highs in late November. Typically, breakouts to new highs through a resistance level such […]

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FANG’s for the memories!

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google are affectionately referred to as the FANG group of stocks. They, as a group, appear […]

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