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That’d be a breakout

The S&P broke the resistance point of just over 1420 last week. It’s looking like it passes my “3-day” rule […]

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7 early warning signs for the markets

The recent rally is looking very long in the tooth. Factors such as: Overbought momentum indicators (see RSI, Stochastics on […]

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3 sectors ready to rally

I’ve mentioned in past blogs that the potential for a sharp rally beginning sometime between mid July and August is […]

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Make it or break it

In my last blog on Friday May 25th, I noted that markets were oversold enough to justify the traditional seasonal […]

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Using the VIX to hedge your risk

    I mentioned on a blog commentary a few weeks ago that if the VIX breaks 20, it will […]

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Whazzup with gold?

I received an email from a reader asking me if I was buying gold yet, given my commentary a few weeks […]

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Golden opportunity

Trading gold Gold has been in a pretty tidy uptrend since March of 2009, coinciding with the bottom of the […]

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Same old song

  I guess I sound like a broken record lately. The broader markets in North America are overbought. Yet, they […]

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3 Interesting Charts

Over the past 2 entries, I have emphasized that the markets look a little overbought right now – especially the […]

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Nasdaq still looks overbought

Markets can overshoot the technical’s for a while. Last week I observed that a few of the technical indicators such […]

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