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Can You Predict the Next Reddit Stock Market Rally?

Last week we held our first “Ask Me Anything” Webinar. It was quite a success, and I thank those who […]

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Gold & silver – ready for a seasonal pop?

Gold and silver have an interesting seasonal potential from the summer into the late part of the year. Officially, silver […]

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Short termed trading opportunities

I don’t do a lot of short term trading. But on occasion, I like to look at the odd opportunity […]

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Three commodity plays

  There are a few commodity plays worth looking at for potential trading opportunities right now. Investors can consider equities […]

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Gold and Silver are pulling back as predicted

I noted on my blogs in early July that gold (here) and silver (here) were technically bullish from a trend […]

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Hi Ho Silver, Away!!!

The Lone Ranger’s horse was named Silver. When he wanted to get that horse moving quickly, he cried “Hi Ho […]

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Time for gold and silver?

  Seasonally, July can often start off strong and finish its rally into about the mid-point of the month for […]

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Mr. T’s Golden Rule

  1980’s macho-man, Mr. T., once said that he had his own Golden Rule: “The man with the gold – […]

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Interesting commodity charts

I was going over my collection of saved charts last night, and found a few that may be of interest […]

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Entry point for gold is near

I’ve been talking about gold and silver on this blog a lot lately.  It is normally not my intention to […]

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