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European & North American markets overbought

With Cyprus frount & center in the news, I’d like to take a look at the SOXX50 for this weeks […]

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Tiger Woods and the stock market

Just for fun, Steve Gage, owner of Gage Business Communication (my go-to man for all of my printing and marketing […]

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An epic battle begins

As most observers of the US stocks markets are quite aware, we are now touching the 13-year resistance point on […]

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3 experts offer guidance

An interesting round-table discussion was held by BNN television featuring: Philip Silverman, Managing Partner at Kingsview Management in New York, […]

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Low volatility wins in a secular sideways market

There are quite a few ETFs coming out these days marketed as “low volatility” securities. IShares has quite a host […]

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Time to buy?

Is it time to buy into the market, now that we’ve had a correction?  I wouldn’t just yet if you […]

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Does the market climb a “wall of worry”?

The theory that stocks “climb a wall of worry” sounds good, but practical observation suggests that the theory is largely […]

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