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Best six months strategy still working

I’ve graphically illustrated the “best six months/ worst six months” strategy on this week’s S&P500 chart since the Great Recession […]

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How low can it go?

The S&P 500 has begun its traditional seasonal period of weakness. So far, we’ve witnessed a 3% drawdown from its […]

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Mid-July seasonal peak

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, investing was all about buy & hold. Yes,  “flavor of the day” disasters such as […]

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Choppy summer will provide opportunities

I have been calling for a market correction since April –readers of this blog, readers of my Investors Digest and […]

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Was that the correction?

Last week’s chart ( didn’t lie—the market was overbought and due for a correction, which it got. First target of […]

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Avoid temptation, unless you can’t resist it.

The last two weeks of May saw a return to more volatile markets. Investors tried to absorb the US Federal […]

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3 sectors worth watching & playing the odds

I’d like to reference a couple of books that I’ve been reading lately that might be helpful in making stock […]

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Tender loving treasuries

I use the term “tender loving treasuries” to help me remember the stock symbol for the iShares 20+ year US […]

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Fewer stocks above their long-term moving averages

It’s no surprise that the number of stocks trading above their 200 day and 50 day MA’s has been falling […]

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Creating a shopping list

There are a few near termed signs suggesting that we may indeed see a typical spring peak, followed by an […]

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