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Whats next for the TSX?

  By now, everyone is aware of the new high that the TSX 300 composite put in yesterday. Amazingly, the […]

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Have your cake and eat it too!

  As you may be aware, I  tend to become more defensive during the summer as part of the seasonal investing discipline. […]

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A case of bad breadth

The market, you might say, has “bad breadth”. Not to be confused with halitosis, bad market breadth indicates that it […]

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Don’t be crude

    WTIC crude oil has been in a fairly long termed triangular consolidation pattern. Take a look at the […]

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Selling stocks to buy bonds

Before getting to the main message, I’d like to note that I’ll be speaking this Thursday in Markham, Ontario on […]

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Nasdaq support

  Technical support was tested on the NAZ in April  since it broke its 1-year uptrend in late March. The […]

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Market chop may signal trend change

  Last Thursday’s blog contained a reprint of a commentary made by seasonal expert Brooke Thackray ( The essence of […]

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Sell in May or Stay in May?

  My friend Brooke Thackray recently covered the probabilities of a traditionally weaker market during this year’s “Worst Six Months” […]

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Too many happy faces

I’ve been pounding the table lately about the increased level of investor complacency as the bull market has charged ahead. […]

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Risk on, risk off

The 2 charts above are those of the consumer staples sector and the utilities sector. These are just 2 of […]

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