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Long termed and short termed signals suggest caution

For those who follow this blog regularly, you may know that I follow two macro-market timing models. One of these […]

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Neartermed trends may be changing

The TSX300 hit and slightly over-reached my target (set back in 2015) of 15,600. Please see the chart below. It […]

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Seasonal patterns for the summer

Allow me to quote John Murphy’s recent message from his blog on”   “Most corrections occur during the late […]

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S&P 500: in an uptrend, interim pullback likely

Today’s chart is a daily chart of the S&P500. Even on this close-up view, you can see that the market […]

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Chasing returns

I noted in a blog recently that the problem with a high commitment to stocks, equity ETF’s or mutual funds by […]

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Do elections influence the markets?

Do election years influence the stock market? The Presidential cycle chart below, courtesy of Dogs of the Dow, suggests that […]

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The walking dead are back!

The Walking Dead is a television show produced by AMC—owned by Disney Corp (a stock ValueTrend owns). It’s a zombie […]

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Short termed bond charts looking dangerous

The seasonal time to own bonds is from May to October, according the Thackray’s guide. Typically, as stock markets weaken […]

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Toronto World MoneyShow presentation: sneak peak

    Toronto MoneyShow: Metro Convention Ctr. Thursday October 16, 2014. 3:30PM.  I’ll be giving a special presentation entitled The Great […]

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Time for gold and silver?

  Seasonally, July can often start off strong and finish its rally into about the mid-point of the month for […]

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