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Trapped in a box

  The SPX 500 and the TSX 300 indices seem to be trapped in boxes. The SPX is yet again […]

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I dont believe in Santa, but there may be an Elf rally coming soon 

It’s too late for any hope of the Santa Rally for the S&P 500 or the TSX 300. In fact, […]

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It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.

Rock band REM sang a truly great song called “It’s the end of the world (as we know it)”. Many […]

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Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

Regular readers know I refer to 1970’s and 1980’s rock lyrics periodically to inspire my blog topics. Today’s blog is […]

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It’s the end of the world,  as we know it

By now, readers know that I sometimes draw inspiration from classic rock n’ roll for my blogs. I went to […]

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Amateur hour is over

My neighbor walks his dog with me sometimes. He’s a great guy, but very typical of most undisciplined investors. That […]

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Neartermed correction is probable

I’ve beaten the subject of an overbought market to death lately, so no need to rehash on my mid to […]

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I wanted to give you, the good readership,  an outlook and strategy update given the frothy levels on the markets. […]

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NASDAQ momentum is diverging

The NASDAQ has put in a new high on declining momentum. Oscillators like the short termed Stochastics indicator – and […]

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Long termed and short termed signals suggest caution

For those who follow this blog regularly, you may know that I follow two macro-market timing models. One of these […]

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