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Time to buy?

Is it time to buy into the market, now that we’ve had a correction?  I wouldn’t just yet if you […]

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Golden opportunity

Trading gold Gold has been in a pretty tidy uptrend since March of 2009, coinciding with the bottom of the […]

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3 Interesting Charts

Over the past 2 entries, I have emphasized that the markets look a little overbought right now – especially the […]

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“Flat” is the new “up”

“Sometimes the best investments are the ones you don’t make.” – Donald Trump Stock markets had a pretty rocky year […]

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Following up on gold and oil

Gold Outlook  A substantial shift in the technical profile of gold occurred recently. The two-year trend that I have noted […]

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Triangle breakdown

Almost every technical analyst out there has identified the recent symmetrical triangle that the S&P500 has formed over the past […]

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So close you can smell it!

I hurried over to BNN last night to conduct a quick interview, after attending the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts […]

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Sectors worth examining during an end-October pullback

  We are now entering the “seasonal buy period” for stock markets according to the work of Don Vialoux (www.dvtechtalk.com) […]

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