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Markets may consolidate for a while

A rectangle has been forming on the S&P500 since early September. When watching short termed consolidation patterns such as this […]

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The best way to trade silver

I received two questions about silver when I was on MarketCall last week, and have also been asked on this […]

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Taking profits on gold

I love to sell when the world is in love with an investment theme. And I love to buy when […]

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2 sectors that may do well

Gold miners and the materials sectors are exhibiting interesting looking charts. Below is a chart of the iShares global gold […]

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Playing the “risk on / risk off” trade

Without a doubt, the pattern for stock markets has, over the past 2 years, turned to a “risk on, risk […]

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How to play the U.S. dollar

  The USD has been forming a large symmetrical triangle since 2005. I drew the trend lines on this chart […]

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Materials & gold shine brightly

As mentioned in a prior post, I plan on writing 2 posts per week effective immediately. The first post of […]

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Will the rally continue?

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you know that I advised in early July that markets may rally […]

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Update on gold

Yesterday, I bought my first tranche of gold for the portfolios I manage. Support on gold lies at $1550. I […]

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3 sectors ready to rally

I’ve mentioned in past blogs that the potential for a sharp rally beginning sometime between mid July and August is […]

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