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Time for gold and silver?

  Seasonally, July can often start off strong and finish its rally into about the mid-point of the month for […]

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Neartermed outlook for oil

  If you have followed this blog for a while, you will know that I have been rather bearish on […]

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Ignore gold’s trend at your own peril

It seems to me that there are two types of gold investors. One type- who I would classify myself under, […]

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Two tradable commodities

In my last blog (https://www.valuetrend.ca/?p=2361) I discussed gold and oil – two commodities that have been in the spotlight of […]

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Gold, oil, bonds & the dollar

A few weeks ago I suggested that both the CDN $ and long-bonds may be oversold, and ready for a […]

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Interesting commodity charts

I was going over my collection of saved charts last night, and found a few that may be of interest […]

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Gold & silver: dead or alive?

Hulbert Financial Digest recently showed a large negative change in investor sentiment towards gold. According to www.sentimentrader.com, newsletter writers (tracked […]

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Outlook for gold and silver

A few readers and BNN callers have asked me about gold and silver lately, and I’m happy to address the outlook […]

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A tale of two commodities

Perhaps two of the most watched commodities out there are oil (due to its significance to the economy) and gold […]

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Entry point for gold is near

I’ve been talking about gold and silver on this blog a lot lately.  It is normally not my intention to […]

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