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What does a Dow divergence mean to investors?

Divergence between the Dow Industrials and the Dow Transports is considered a warning sign if you follow the Dow Theory. […]

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Overbought markets suggest caution

A few leading sectors, along with the broader markets, are beginning to look overbought. For example, the TSX and S&P […]

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Following up on gold and oil

Gold Outlook  A substantial shift in the technical profile of gold occurred recently. The two-year trend that I have noted […]

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Triangle breakdown

Almost every technical analyst out there has identified the recent symmetrical triangle that the S&P500 has formed over the past […]

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Is it too late to buy?

Is it too late to buy? As mentioned in recent posts, the market does look prime for a reasonable rally […]

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So close you can smell it!

I hurried over to BNN last night to conduct a quick interview, after attending the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts […]

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