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Oil pulling back to “Buy” zone

Oil / energy is reaching an attractive entry price point again. At ValueTrend, we’ve been looking for a pullback on […]

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Three things you should know about the markets new highs

A breakout throughout old resistance of S&P 500 at 2135 is bullish. As such, we are legging into the markets […]

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Another way to play energy

I’ve noted recently that the outlook for oil is bullish, despite the potential for a neartermed overbought pullback. The chart […]

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Resource based economies breaking out

Oil put in a possible technical bottom earlier this year. So too did most of the materials, including copper (below) […]

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Two contrarian plays

Criticize the Americans all you wish, but the fact remains that their market has remained the strongest in the world, […]

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How to play oil

I get to blow my own horn a little here—regular readers of this blog know that I am always willing […]

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Oil is setting up

Below is the December 2008 – June 2009 daily candle chart for WTI crude. Note the similarities between it and […]

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Markets may experience a 20% correction this year

  January ended with a loss of 64 points on the S&P 500 in 2014 –and last month was no […]

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History may show us when to buy oil

  My apologies for not posting a blog earlier this week. I am on a “working vacation”—meaning that I am […]

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Natural gas is at a tipping point

  Somebody asked me to write a piece on the outlook for natural gas, so here goes: The big picture […]

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