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Ask me anything: Answers

  Thanks to those who posted questions for this “Ask me anything” blog. I’ve chosen a few of them that […]

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Loonie flies south again

Canadian loon’s wisely leave my cottage every year around this time of the year to fly south. If I could […]

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The three-bar rule applied to the oil trade

I noted on November 6th  that the price of oil was moving through $56. I suggested that oil would be […]

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How I view the TSX and oil trades

  I mentioned on this blog in September that, despite the possibility of the TSX reaching its old highs – […]

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Oil looks ready for a bounce

Traders, not investors, might be interested in the chart patterns for WTI oil right now. The chart below shows us […]

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$WTIC Light Crude Oil July 2016 to May 2017

Loonie weakens despite rising oil and falling USD

  It’s a fact that our Canadian dollar is influenced by the price of oil. Despite a favourable move by […]

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Oil’s well that ends well

WTI crude took an abrupt punch in the gut yesterday after a nice rally that began in early March. A […]

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Oil update

I noted a while back that I went long oil. Here is my closing paragraph on the blog- which outlined […]

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In on the oil trade

As readers know, I like to post some (not all, of course) of our strategic moves from the equity platform […]

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Oil still needs to break its neckline

Oil’s outlook is improving, but I’m not jumping on the oil bandwagon just yet. I noted on this blog in October: […]

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