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Nat. gas holds opportunities for traders

Natural gas is one of the most “whippy” assets I can think of when it comes to trading patterns. But, […]

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Ask me Anything Answers

Here are the questions, and my responses for last weeks “Ask me Anything” prompter.   Natural gas and oil are […]

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Energy plays are lighting up

We are long oil through an oil stock and an energy ETF. These positions have been in our portfolio since […]

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Three commodity plays

  There are a few commodity plays worth looking at for potential trading opportunities right now. Investors can consider equities […]

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Nat Gas: Been there, done that!

I’m always looking for input from you, the “Good Readership”, to guide me on topics you’d like to see covered […]

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Nat gas looks ready to “pop”

Today’s chart is an updated one of Nat Gas that I used on a blog way back in 2013—I kept […]

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Natural gas is at a tipping point

  Somebody asked me to write a piece on the outlook for natural gas, so here goes: The big picture […]

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Energy Sector: buy or avoid?

The energy sector has been tossed around a bit, given geopolitical events in Russia and Iraq . Geopolitical events, BTW, […]

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Commodities breaking out

  The CRB index appears to have broken out of a large symmetrical triangle. Its consolidating at this moment, but […]

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Hi, ho Silver: Away!

  Younger readers will have no clue to what the title of this blog means, but they can use the […]

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