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Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

Regular readers know I refer to 1970’s and 1980’s rock lyrics periodically to inspire my blog topics. Today’s blog is […]

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Armchair Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave Theory (EWT)  gives us a rough map of where we are in the investment cycle. It’s kind of […]

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Sector rotation opportunity

Seasonals are a good backdrop for discovering sectors that may be in favor. The seasonal patterns give you a great […]

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Neartermed trends may be changing

The TSX300 hit and slightly over-reached my target (set back in 2015) of 15,600. Please see the chart below. It […]

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Nasdaq momentum slowing

Keep an eye on the NASDAQ, and the big tech’s / Biotech stocks that influence it. Yes, the index is […]

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S&P 500: in an uptrend, interim pullback likely

Today’s chart is a daily chart of the S&P500. Even on this close-up view, you can see that the market […]

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Don’t buy gold…yet.

Currently, gold is in the midst of forming a large symmetrical triangle. This type of triangle is a consolidation pattern […]

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Healthcare—still stuck in no man’s land

I get questions about healthcare on my BNN shows and on this blog. Is the sector due to rally? The […]

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Sell the inauguration

  I like using a number of longer termed macro factors to determine the overall health of the stock market […]

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Gold and Silver are pulling back as predicted

I noted on my blogs in early July that gold (here) and silver (here) were technically bullish from a trend […]

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