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Bonds are overbought

Bearish sentiment prevails on the stock market, which has driven money into the bond market. Things are getting rather overbought […]

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Have you seen the VIX?

The VIX (often called the “fear index”) has moved from the status of being suppressed for most of last year […]

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Bear-o-meter & Neartermed timing model updates

Long-time readers of this blog know that I employ 2 models to get a handle on long term and short […]

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Bear-O-Meter still reading bullish

  On December 28 I took a reading of the “Bear-O-meter” compilation. Despite the very strong potential of a neartermed […]

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Smart money/ dumb money is likely the best collection of sentiment indicators on the web. I’ve subscribed to their service for several years, […]

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USD oversold

The chart below shows us that the USD, as compared to a basket of world currencies, is near long termed […]

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Comfortably numb

Eric Parnell, a US Portfolio Manager, wrote an interesting article in Seeking Alpha recently. Here is the link to his […]

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Bear-o-meter signals market risk improving – but still in the danger zone

Many of you have been following my “Bear-o-meter readings for several years. I’ve covered its methodology in the past, and […]

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Words from the wise

At ValueTrend, we pride ourselves in being one of the more open and “fully disclosing” Portfolio Managers on the street. […]

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Chasing returns

I noted in a blog recently that the problem with a high commitment to stocks, equity ETF’s or mutual funds by […]

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