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I still like gold, and I’m getting bullish on silver

I continue to be bullish on gold, and I have been monitoring silver for a similar bullish setup. Back in […]

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Positive momentum divergences signal potential for gold

Gold is a well known hedge against a declining USD. It can also be a non-correlated asset to the market.  […]

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Gold oversold: Time to be bold, or should it be sold?

  The gold bullion chart (above) shows us a number of positive technical factors that might influence us to begin […]

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Gold may be nearing a buy point again

As a contrarian, I rely at least to some extent on sentiment data. As the Templeton once said: “To buy […]

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Everything’s up – but is that good?

The past month or so has been unusual.  Both “risk-on” and “risk off” assets have rallied. Risk-on refers to the […]

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Dumb is as dumb does

The past few days have been illustrative of how “Dumb money” operates. For those unfamiliar with the term, Dumb Money […]

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Gold vs. USD: Who will blink first?

  Todays chart compares gold and the USD. The black line is gold, and the USD is red. Upon a […]

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Golden days

I’ve been golds whipping boy for a few years now. And for good reason—the metal had been stuck in a […]

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Ask me anything

Gold is a simple trade

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Gold & oil

I get questions regarding these commodities often enough that I thought I’d present their current technical picture. Here goes:   […]

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