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Gold may be nearing a buy point again

As a contrarian, I rely at least to some extent on sentiment data. As the Templeton once said: “To buy […]

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Is the gold rush over?

I’ve been getting a few questions on gold and gold producers lately. Its run pretty hard to the upside, but […]

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Golden days

I’ve been golds whipping boy for a few years now. And for good reason—the metal had been stuck in a […]

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Gold’s failure

  I’m on BNN today at 1:00. One of the questions that I know I will get is regarding gold. […]

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Where will gold go from here?

  Above is a chart of gold that I’ve kept on my screens for a while. The triangle breakout that […]

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Sector rotation opportunity

Seasonals are a good backdrop for discovering sectors that may be in favor. The seasonal patterns give you a great […]

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Gold & silver – ready for a seasonal pop?

Gold and silver have an interesting seasonal potential from the summer into the late part of the year. Officially, silver […]

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Three commodity plays

  There are a few commodity plays worth looking at for potential trading opportunities right now. Investors can consider equities […]

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Golden opportunity?

Gold has breached my technical target of $1300 recently. It’s now coming into a significant area of resistance at $1400. […]

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Gold may underperform for a while

Gold has been heading towards its longer termed target of 1300-1350—noted about a year ago on this blog. This target […]

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