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Look outside of North America for opportunities

America may be known as the “land of opportunity” insofar as its more liberty / entrepreneur environment. That being said […]

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Opportunity in Emerging Markets

The great thing about Technical Analysis is that it is dynamic. If you read my blog regularly, you will know […]

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Emerging markets have stopped submerging

Back on May 22nd, I noted on this blog that if the iShares Emerging Markets ETF (EEM-US) cracked $35.50, it would […]

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India: Buy, hold or sell?

India, via the Bombay Stock Exchange, looks to be at an important juncture. The index is on the verge of […]

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Congratulations on Becoming Rich!

This being the Chinese Lunar New Year Kung, I thought I would start off this email with the traditional greeting […]

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Will currencies hinder your Chinese and Indian securities?

You may be aware that I have been long the Chinese and Indian markets for the latter part of 2014 […]

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Emerging markets are not all the same!

  China and India look bullish I’ve blogged on a couple of favorite emerging markets lately. Specifically, I quite like […]

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Opportunity in Chinese markets

  The Shanghai exchange is showing some interesting technicals that suggest a buying opportunity might be approaching. There are some caveats […]

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We’ve had the “Zig”, what about the “Zag”?

  Stockcharts.com, as well as other charting software services, offer a tool known as the “ZigZag” tool. The ZigZag tool […]

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Guess which market was January’s positive performer?

  It was no shock that the major markets took a hit in January, although as mentioned in my early January […]

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