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Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Roughly every month, I try to post the results of a compilation of financial indicators that measure the current risk/reward […]

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Dow Theory signalling change?

There are 6 tenets of Dow Theory- originally coined by Charles H. Dow (1851–1902), journalist, founder and first editor of […]

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Some Technical Analysts have pointed out the divergence between the Dow Industrials and Transports lately. Basically, a new high on […]

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Dow non-confirmation

The chart below illustrates a few incidences where the Dow Industrials and Dow Transports diverged over a few months. As […]

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Dow divergence

When the transports diverge, or fail to make new highs while industrials are making new high, this can be an […]

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Does the transports bear suggest a market pullback?

The Dow Theory contains a tenet suggesting the Dow Transportation index must confirm the highs and direction of the Industrials. […]

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What Dow Theory may be telling us about the market

Dow Theory states that Dow Industrials and Transports averages must confirm each other (amongst other components of that theory). If […]

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Dow Theory says stay in the market for now.

Given the volatility of late, one might turn to the Dow Theory to ask if markets are showing signs of […]

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We’ve had the “Zig”, what about the “Zag”?, as well as other charting software services, offer a tool known as the “ZigZag” tool. The ZigZag tool […]

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Watch these levels for a buying opportunity

  Followers of Dow Theory may have noted the divergence between the Dow Industrials ($INDU on the chart–blue line) and […]

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