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Assessing the Flying Five & implications for the market

A while ago I wrote a Halloween blog. It covered some of the historic anomalies that have occurred on the […]

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Words from the wise

At ValueTrend, we pride ourselves in being one of the more open and “fully disclosing” Portfolio Managers on the street. […]

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Trump-tastic trades offers an interesting tool called the S&P Sector PrefCharts. It shows us how various sectors have performed over almost […]

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Three things you should know about the markets new highs

A breakout throughout old resistance of S&P 500 at 2135 is bullish. As such, we are legging into the markets […]

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Another warning sign for the markets

I’ll start this blog off with a reference to Jason Goepfert’ s comments from his daily update to subscribers ( […]

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Healthcare showing divergence

I noted on my last blog that several of the S&P500’s major sectors failed to confirm the S&P500’s new highs […]

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Technical Analysis of Stock Trends – Top 5 Factors To Consider

Somebody suggested that I write “refresher blog” on technical analysis. It’s a big topic, and really can’t be covered in […]

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Strong like bull!

  The past few days saw much of the Santa Clause Rally’s gain evaporate on the S&P 500 – although […]

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Go big, or go home!

  The stock market seems to be delivering a message to us right now regarding the kind of stocks we […]

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Where have all the good times gone?

  Before we get started—if you live near Brantford, Ontario, come out and join us tomorrow at the Brantford Public […]

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