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It’s the end of the world,  as we know it

By now, readers know that I sometimes draw inspiration from classic rock n’ roll for my blogs. I went to […]

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Amateur hour is over

My neighbor walks his dog with me sometimes. He’s a great guy, but very typical of most undisciplined investors. That […]

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Oil looks ready for a bounce

Traders, not investors, might be interested in the chart patterns for WTI oil right now. The chart below shows us […]

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$WTIC Light Crude Oil July 2016 to May 2017

Loonie weakens despite rising oil and falling USD

  It’s a fact that our Canadian dollar is influenced by the price of oil. Despite a favourable move by […]

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Sell the inauguration

  I like using a number of longer termed macro factors to determine the overall health of the stock market […]

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The pause that refreshes

It’s time for an overbought pullback on the S&P 500. Seasonal influences suggest that the markets should pull back a […]

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Another warning sign for the markets

I’ll start this blog off with a reference to Jason Goepfert’ s comments from his daily update to subscribers ( […]

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Home, home on the (trading) range

  The trading range looks likely to continue for the S&P500 and related indices for a while yet. Recent market […]

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Trading the S&P 500 for fun and profit!

  June has lived up to its seasonal tendency to be a volatile month. Thackray’s guide tells us that its […]

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How to invest in September

Historically, August can be a jittery month, followed by weakness in September. This tendency has been subdued over the past […]

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