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One of these stocks is not like the other

          A reader asked me for a commentary on Canadian telecoms. To cover this sector, I […]

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Struggling phone makers and telecoms: a bargain in the making?

Apple (AAPL) has been discussed more than a few times on this blog site. In fact, I first spoke about […]

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Outlook for gold and silver

A few readers and BNN callers have asked me about gold and silver lately, and I’m happy to address the outlook […]

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Playing the “risk on / risk off” trade

Without a doubt, the pattern for stock markets has, over the past 2 years, turned to a “risk on, risk […]

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Update on gold

Yesterday, I bought my first tranche of gold for the portfolios I manage. Support on gold lies at $1550. I […]

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Telecoms look attractive

  The Canadian telecom sector is trending up. Last year while the European crises raged on, telecom stocks barely flinched. […]

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