Special announcement: I’m back

December 7, 20228 Comments

Well, that was fast! Thanks to all of you who reacted so quickly to the BNN request I posted early today! I had contacted one of their producers a week ago and had no response, and suddenly this afternoon I get an email asking me to come onto the show. Possibly a coincidence?

So: announcing my first appearance in almost 3 years –

Keith on BNN

Monday December 19th. Lunchtime show – 12:00PM

I’ll post details on a blog –aka  how to post questions specifically for my show when I get the scoop. Hoping to hear some calls and emailed questions from you guys – I’ll be energized for this one!



  • This is great news Keith!
    We can’t wait to see you back on live televesion.

    • Thanks to all who sent in emails–got lots of emails from y’all. So appreciated, and excited to “be back”.

  • Congrats! I have really lost interest in BNN. They have favoured large fund managers pushing their books since taking over. Have shopped Larry’s minutes to almost nothing . The moves are a real shame in my humble opinion. You getting back on is a good thing. I will watch.


    • Thanks Carey. I will attempt to bring some out of the box ideas that will actually stand a chance of working, rather than mainstream “me too” suggestions typically offering bull-market only potential. Its the beauty of being independent–see my blog “Advice for Advisors”.

  • I’m glad you are back. I hope your are right on keeping cash. I have 30%, and is burning a hole in my account. Please help.


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