SmartBounce: 3 Action Steps to Portfolio Recovery

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SmartBounce delivers a 3-step portfolio recovery process for investors whose portfolios have seen major declines (as happened in the 2008 crash) and who wish to recover their losses as quickly as possibly through a conservative investment strategy.

Many investors watched in horror as 30% or more of their portfolio vanished before their very eyes during the market massacre of 2008.  If you are one of those investors, this book will teach you a better way to invest.

“A great book that provides easy-to-follow investment advice on how to combine different investment disciplines to make and preserve money.” Brooke Thackray, President, Alpha Mountain Investments and author of Time In, Time Out and other books

“One of the best and most concise books of investment advice that I have ever read, with strong commonsensical opinions thoughtfully and compellingly delivered. Keith’s integrity shines through.” David Coates, Principal, Fifth Business Communications

“Keith Richards is among the most accurate technical analysts I’ve worked with. If you want to preserve your capital and profit in turbulent times, this book is a great starting point.” B.J. Del Conte, Chase Producer, CTV/BNN Television

SmartBounce covers three much-needed and important methods for regaining portfolio value in a post-Lehman Brothers era – including the successful use of seasonal analysis.” Don Vialoux, Past President, Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, Creator and Principal, DV Tech Talk

“Keith Richards gets out front to anticipate the market’s next move, providing real advice for those who handle their own investment needs.” Michael PopovichEditor, Investor’s Digest of Canada


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