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XLV ETF – Is buying a healthcare ETF healthy for your portfolio

  XLV ETF – Is buying a healthcare ETF healthy for your portfolio   I’m kind of an old dog in the game and I want to bring some of that ‘old dog knowledge’ to you via this show. Today’s…

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Shares Russell 2000 ETF

Best Canadian Small-Cap ETF Compared to US Small-Cap ETF

  The Russell 2000 Index – Looking at Canadian Small-Cap and US Small-Cap Stocks   They say that good things…

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parabolic move

Exiting A Parabolic Move is Good News for Investors

Great News!  A Parabolic Move is on the Horizon.   Today, I have some good news for you. For those…

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Stocks to Watch Lumberold

Stocks to Watch – 6 Stocks & ETFs That are Down, But Not Out

Stocks to Watch – A Switch from Our Usual Focus   This show is typically all about technical analysis but…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

Pull your SOXX up!

Hello, and welcome to the ValueTrend Wealth Management, Smart Money, Dumb Money Show. And I’m your host, Keith Richards. I’m…

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sentiment trader volitility

Watching for Volatility

  Today we’re going to talk about why I feel that September, which is often from a seasonal point of…

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Canadian Sector Opportunities

Every week I record this video, which provides you with ideas on both market potentials and individual sector ideas for…

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Outlook for Oil

We’re at the cottage today. It’s you can see in the background that I’ve got a fire going, and I’m…

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Do you have Gas?

Today we’re going to talk about gas, natural gas. Now, as you folks may know, in some circumstances, especially social…

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Chinese Stock Outlook

Well, hello there and welcome to the Smart money Dumb money show. And I’m your host, Keith Richards, I’m President…

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