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VIX Suggests Market Complacency

Today we’re going to do one simple chart that hopefully will give us some guidance on what the crowd is thinking about the market and how we should consider that attitude in our investment strategies.   It’s going to the…

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High Risk, High Return Potential in Speculative Sectors

We’re going to talk about high risk, high return sectors today. I personally don’t get involved in a lot of…

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6 Country ETF’s With Upside Potential

Today we are going to talk about some country stocks and in fact, country ETFs, and these ETFs represent the…

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Keith Richards : Today we have a special guest. As you know, I often like to interview people in the…

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Oil, Inflation, and the Economy – Smart Money – Dumb Money

We film this video once a week, which is usually a recap of my blogs with some extra colour, and…

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Smart Money – Dumb Money January 22, 2021

We’re going to take a look at things, as we always do, from a technical perspective. I’d like to start…

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Smart Money – Dumb Money January 15 , 2021

Today we are going to be doing a little bit of heavy lifting with the barbell. My name is Keith…

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Smart Money, Dumb Money – January 8 , 2021

This is a weekly recap of our blog series that I do on our website at By the way,…

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Smart Money, Dumb Money – January 1 2021

Hello folks, and welcome to the inaugural Value Trend Wealth Management, Smart Money – Dumb Money video series. I plan…

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