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INTERVIEW WITH GREG SCHNELL : The Canadian Technician!

Keith Richards : I am very happy to say that we have another technical analyst that is one of the more predominant technical analysts on the scene, especially in Canada. I am very happy to have Greg Schnell with me…

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VIX Suggests Market Complacency

Today we’re going to do one simple chart that hopefully will give us some guidance on what the crowd is…

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High Risk, High Return Potential in Speculative Sectors

We’re going to talk about high risk, high return sectors today. I personally don’t get involved in a lot of…

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6 Country ETF’s With Upside Potential

Today we are going to talk about some country stocks and in fact, country ETFs, and these ETFs represent the…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available


Keith Richards : Today we have a special guest. As you know, I often like to interview people in the…

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Supply Demand Curve Suggests Big Oppurtunity in Green Tech Metals

Today we are going to talk about metals. Specifically, we’re going to talk about metals that relate to the green…

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Oil Outlook

Today we’re going to talk about energy, specifically oil. We’re not going to bother with natural gas or clean energy….

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Frances Horodelski Interview: Talking Trends

Keith Richards: Hello and welcome to Smart Money, Dumb Money. I am your host as always, Keith Richards. Today, we…

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How to Identify Dog Stocks

Today we’ve got a bit of a treat because I have a co-writer with me and we are going to…

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Long Bonds May Have Near Termed Upsides

Today we’re going to do two things. First, we’re going to admire my pink bow tie and my post-Valentine’s gift…

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