Small caps ready for large profits?

U.S. Small caps are looking interesting right now. The iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) appears to be breaking the $120-ish resistance barrier that has contained this index for the better part of 2014. While a few more days of confirmation are needed to signal a true “breakout buy signal”, I’d say that it has a good chance of getting there. Seasonals can be positive for the small caps at this time of the year. Thackray’s book tells us that small capped stocks tend to outperform from December to March.


The shorter termed timing indicators that I follow are mixed to bullish at this time for IWM. Moneyflow (top and bottom panes) is flat to bullish. MACD gave a very bullish buy signal recently. So did comparative relative strength to the S&P500 (middle pane) when it crossed through its 20 day MA–which is my trigger on that indictor.

Stochastics and RSI are a bit overbought but not rounding over.


I’m watching this trade carefully. A confirmation via 2 or more up-days (read my book Sideways regarding the 3-bar, 3% breakout confirmation rule) and I may be taking a position.


  • Hi Keith, do you know of any Canadian ETF,s that track the Russell 2000, preferably CDN $ hedged, but not a necessity. I’ve searched but nothing can’t find any.

    Thanks and Happy New Year

    • XSU-T
      Its Cdn $ hedged too.
      I like the IWM for its liquidity plus I am still OK with the USD–but there you go if you want the hedged TSX listed version


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