Sideways: Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in Uncertain Times

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*Sideways is applicable to investors in all markets. *

Today's sideways stock markets, markets that have had both a floor and a ceiling, are likely to be with us until the middle of this decade or even later. But you don't have to feel disoriented, according to Keith Richards In his new book on investing, he shows you how to think and act like a technical and that AL analyst. By understanding the basics of market realities, from phases to trends to formations and cycles, Sideways will help you profit from a financial reality that others are unsuccessfully fighting or fleeing.

Sideways Table of Contents

Introduction: Markets can go sideways

  1. Phases
  2. Trends
  3. Formations
  4. Momentum cycles
  5. Other tools
  6. Japanese candle stick charts.
  7. Pulling it all together.


Readers rave about the updated edition of Sideways

"Sideways makes sense of market gyrations for investors and is a battle-tested hypothesis to boot. Keith has developed and adhered to this process in concert with the market very unlike. What occurred from 1982 to 1999? Readers will do well to learn from the lessons provided in this illuminating book. I certainly have. " - Jamie Purvis, EVP. National accounts, Horizon Exchange Traded Funds

"It's not easy to profit during the sideways periods experienced by North American equity markets during the past 11 years. But Keith Richards points the way with his firm grasp of technical analysis and his equally firm understanding of the four phases of the stock market cycle. Buy this book and memorize it. You'll be richer for it." - Hilary Doyle, Writer Co-Creator BNN and CTV's ‘Stock and Awe’

"This little gem contains everything that you've always wanted to know about technical analysis but were afraid to ask. And it makes this approach to the market easy to understand and enjoyable to use. It's the reader. It's readable, user-friendly, and profitable. What else would you really want? - C. Ross Healey, Chairman and CEO, Strategic Analysis Corporation

"It's tempting to simply classify Keith Richards as a contrarian, but that would be missing the point. He's fiercely independent, highly principled, and beholden to no one except his clients. And at these, it's these characteristics that enable him to separate financial fact from fiction and blaze his own trails." - Heather Hugginson, Editor, The MoneyLetter


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