Recency bias & affordability

Here’s a quote by Larry McDonald of BearTraps that sums up the markets state of mind at this moment:

“Recency bias is an investor’s foe” Larry McDonald, BearTraps

The past months have been all about one sector. Technology. More specifically, tech companies involved within the AI sphere. Investor bias focuses on what has been working recently. This is “recency bias”, as Larry McDonald puts it.

I call it “driving forward by looking in the rear view mirror.”

I just posted, what is in my humble opinion, an eye opening video. I addressed two sectors that will benefit by the drive towards AI, and data storage (tied to AI). Interestingly, I hear very little about the potential of these sectors – despite the fact that it is absolutely inevitable that they will flourish if we are even remotely correct about the potential for the AI revolution.

So forget about making the next Microsoft stock prediction or guessing the next move by NVDA. The two sectors I talk about in my newest video should put you ahead of the crowd, rather than looking in that rear view mirror at an over crowed trade. You don’t want to miss this one!

Here’s the video:  AI Stocks to Watch – and a hint on Uranium – ValueTrend

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Struggling with affordability?

Many young people cannot buy a home these days. Groceries, rent, gas, you name it. Fear not! This Friday an event at the OMNI King Edward Hotel in Toronto will solve your problems! At the event, you will hear from Justin Trudeau himself, as he discusses the Liberal plan to reverse the affordability crises they created.

And here’s the really good news:

Tickets are only $1725 each to hear how to make your life more affordable!

But wait, there’s more! If you are a struggling young person under the age of 35, Justin’s got your back! Your ticket will only cost you $875!!!

It sure feels great to have a Prime Minister who really understands the struggles of common Canadians.

Here’s the promo from the Liberal website:

affordability crisis

Help others with the affordability crisis

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  • Hi Keith,

    My first time commenting! I watched your video on alternative AI stocks to watch, and it led me to a question for you. I have seen many reports that the large (AI) cloud providers are buying electricity from renewable energy providers in order to be green. Many of those, Google, Apple, etc., are promising to be 100% carbon free.

    Do you think the renewable energy sector is also a good consideration, given that they’re currently badly-beaten up and that they could be pulled along by AI? And if so, which specific areas may be more interesting; the more traditional utilities adding renewables or the pure renewable producers?

    Thank you!

    • I think the biggest issue, as discussed in the video, is the reality of producing a scalable (key word!!!), clean, cheap and viable source of that power. According to experts I have read, the reality is: solar, water turbines and wind will not cut it based on these needs. Nuclear is the best option, followed by nat gas which is carbon burning but not as bad as oil or coal.
      When we look to quadruple+ our power needs in a few short years, it ain’t gonna happen with windmills and solar farms.


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