I have some questions I’d like to ask you, the good readership, to ensure I am offering the type of insights you would like to read and see through my blogs and videos. So – would you please be so kind as to answer the following two questions in the comments section below – and if you are a subscriber, please go to the website to post your answers under the comments section.


Question #1: Ask Us Anything Format

I am thinking its time for another Ask Me/Us Anything blog, video, or webinar. I’d have Craig join in to answer fundamental analysis questions. Here are the pluses and minuses of each format:

BLOG: You can post your questions ahead of time over the allotted time frame (usually one week) and it will be answered the following week in print on the blog. Main benefit is that you will get the question answered and read the reply at your convenience. Plus, we can go a little deeper on the question than other formats. Disadvantage is that it takes a few blogs to cover the answers.

VIDEO: You can post your questions ahead of time over an allotted time frame and we will record a video answering them that will be posted. Similar to the BLOG format, but we can probably cover all questions within a one hour video, which you can view at your convenience. The video will be transcribed to look like a blog (with um, er, ah’s removed as best as possible). As an aside – Trudeau transcribers must have a heck of a job! Anyhow–Disadvantage is it will be like one long blog rather than a series in the standard blog format.

WEBINAR: We can conduct a live webinar to which you can get an invite. You can post your questions via the chat feature, and we will answer them live. We would post a recording of the video on the site after for those who do not attend. Upside is that it can be more dynamic in that people can feed off of each others questions. Downside is that it is a set time and date so you need to be available. So…if a webinar is your choice please note best times (Morning, afternoon, evening) for such an event.


Question # 2: Video guests

Again, please respond to this question in the comments section of this blog.

I am looking for interesting guests to interview on my Smart Money/ Dumb Money video series. I’ve had some real whiz-bang guests that I know you have enjoyed (based on number of hits). I am looking to try and contact some new guests who might be of interest to readers in an interview. Do you have any suggestions?

IMPORTANT: Obviously, I prefer NOT to interview someone in the Individual Portfolio Management business, as that is a conflict to my business. Would you promote a direct competitor for your business? So- I’m looking for:

  • Portfolio Managers with no conflict of interests to us, like ETF managers and advisors (such as my interviews with Brooke Thackray, Craig Basinger, and Jaime Purvis).
  • Research analysts like Jay Kaeppel and David Chapman
  • People with economic and/or sector expertise such as Maxime Bernier and Bruce Joseph.

Do a search on the video page here if you wish to watch any of those interviews.

Obviously, it would be great to interview Warren Buffett or Carl Icon – but somehow I feel they may not pick up the phone for me….

So, I’d prefer recommendations of experts with more accessibility. Finally, I’m looking for people who are specialized in sectors or analytical processes that differ from my area of expertise in sentiment and technical analysis. That could mean fundamental or sector analysts – or highly specialized experts within the field of technical analysis such as point & figure, Ichimoku Cloud, or EWT. Of note: I know lots of bank analysts, but banks don’t let these folks talk to strangers, so to speak.

Thanks in advance for answering these 2 questions, and I will take your answers into account as I structure the upcoming blogs and videos




  • great ideas … preference to webinar in afternoon or evenings … guest videos are great… i enjoy the shared expertise … thanks

  • I like it in the Blog format. It is the place that generates the most comments and I find the comments from other readers are often insightful.
    Sorry no ideas for the interview unless you can get Brad Wall to comment on the current political temperature but that is likely outside the lines of your subject.

  • The blog as is now, is insightful and the entire site impressively crafted and presented.

    I only have difficulty with charts and graphs, with miniaturized pictures.

    Perhaps an alternative link in pdf containing screen full size pictures would solve that.

    Great job…

  • Hi Keith , I like blog or video format …west coast time difference unfortunately …..guests : I like anybody with good track record , economists like David Rosenberg for 6 to 12 months forecast and technician/seasonal guy for shorter trades ideas like Donald Vialoux or Jon Vialoux.

    Thanks , keep up good work .

  • I have 30 to 40 % cash and have it in a Canadian major bank money market etf with 4.5 % to 5 % annual return. I would like your opinion as to if this is a safe place to put it until I’m ready to invest it back into the market.

    • ALVIN–This is not the Ask us anything” blog yet–this is an enquiry as to how we should do that blog – aka do you prefer blog, video or webinar format. When I announce the official Ask Us Anything format–you can post your question on that blog comment section-thx

  • Hi Keith,
    For variety, I would enjoy a Webinar.
    The downside is that I can’t guarantee that I could attend. Late afternoons or evenings would be my vote. If I couldn’t attend, I would listen to it once posted.

    As for a video guest, I enjoyed listening to Brooke Thackray, and at some point maybe you could have him back. What about someone like like Jon Vialoux from Equity Clock?

    People with an economic or sector specialty would also be interesting. I just don’t know who to recommend.

  • I prefer to send the questions in early and have a one hour video of the responses.
    For guests, I would recommend David Rosenberg and Frances Horodelski.

  • Hey Keith, enjoy the blog and video format and really appreciate you taking the time share your thoughts and expertise with us. Not sure about webinar due to work schedule and time difference with BC…

    Regarding video guests I was also going to mention Vialoux from equity clock. Generally read their daily take on the markets.

    Thanks and have a great weekend

  • Q1: I like the blog format. We ask a question and you assemble a response.

    Q2: Sorry I have no suggestions for smart individuals to be interviewed. While you have created some terrific video interviews, personnaly I get the most value from the blog topics and follow up response to questions. For the amount of effort you must be putting into these videos/interviews, personally I don’t get a comparable value watching. would be quiote content reverting to “blog” only format.
    Thanks so much for your efforts in blogging. I look forward to new blogs regularily.

  • I get lots of invites for webinars on financial topics and I always do the same thing I don’t attend them because they’re difficult to match schedules and sit there and watch a bunch of stuff. to me blogs are the way to go. would you consider having Mr wonderful as a guest?

  • Prefer the Blog format.

    Potential guest:
    What about Martin Armstrong from the US? He gives interviews, perhaps to you as well. Topic could be private (equity) vs public (bond) investing to limit risk and keep one’s money in these historic geopolitical times.

  • I am new to your Value Trend world . I really enjoy the Blog format , able to review specific topics individually. As well able to digest charts and info at own pace. Lots of insightful info, Thanks Keith.
    Looking forward to taking your course in near future.
    Webinars are difficult time wise.

    As far as guests, Andrew Moffs, from Vision capital, as a sector expert on REITs, would be interested in his opinion in this rising rate environment.

  • I really enjoy your blogs and the insights that you offer. Blog format for questions and answers would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your dedication.

  • I particularly enjoy the blogs and the video format. The webinar is less appealing due to time challenges. Love the interviews with educated guests.

  • My POV,

    Q1 : Ask Anything Format

    Blog – it is likely the easiest for you to put together, and the written word is easier for readers to return to for review.

    Q2 : Video guests

    You’ve done great so far! You often quote valuable resources unavailable to the common man. Perhaps these sources would enjoy the publicity from being a guest? I’m thinking of :

    MarketDesk Research
    ACG Analytics
    Bear Traps Report
    Sentimentrader, EquityClock, etc.

  • Technical Analysis Question
    What is the difference between Williams R% and Stochastics RSI?

    Guests to interview
    David Rosenberg Canadian Economist
    Since you are a StockCharts subscriber, John Murphy, Grayson Roze, David Keller
    David Burrows Barometer Capital
    Javid Mirza Cannacord Gennuity

    • Lorne–can you post the TA question under the “Time to post your questions” blog? Thanks–it helps me keep organized to have the questions all on one blog comment section


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