Playing the Brexit trade

Opinion polls seem to shift daily surrounding the “Leave vs. Stay” outcome for Britain – although at this time of writing it seems to be leaning towards a “Stay” decision. We’ll know soon enough.

Below is a chart of the iShares Europe ETF – which mimics the Europe 350 Index. As you can see- the index has been in a downtrend, as illustrated by the lower highs and lows on the chart. Potential signs of that downside momentum fading include a bullish crossover of the 40 and 10 week MA’s and a bullish hammer candle.


Thursday’s vote will swing things one way or another. But the charts can tell us the safest way to trade this index. A break of the last high to the upside would imply a potentially bullish trade for Europe. That’s about $41 on this ETF. A break below the last low of $36 would be bearish. That would imply that the downtrend will continue.

Here’s the UK ETF chart–possibly a H&S bottom forming, but wait for a $16.50+  neckline breakout:



Watching market reactions to the vote will show us where the trend is likely to move. My vote is to stay on the sidelines for now, and trade accordingly if one of these levels are taken out.


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Nov 2012 small


  • This is a good day for patient retail investors.
    Time to buy Canadian, USA & European ETFs that have covered calls.
    The uncertainty is over, and given that it will take 2 years for Britain to ‘divorce’ from EU,
    I say the world will not come to an end.

    While the world uselessly debates low interest rates, which are staying low for the next decade, and other terrible events that will not come to pass, stop procrastinating.

    So … buy the dips today, with large cap covered call ETFs and collect a nice yield, as the world sweats. I went from 35% cash to all-in and 5% cash remaining to pay taxes at the end of year because of my capital gains and cash dividends.

    I bet Monday will be an up-day in all markets as the world calms down over the weekend.

    • Some research i did, which i will put in todays blog – suggests 3 days or so selloff after major events. So Friday was not a buy day–Monday or Tuesday most likely.


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