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In 2020 we contracted an independent consultant to gather input from our clients to ensure that we are not only meeting but exceeding client expectations. We are very pleased to say that the results were overwhelmingly positive.

The survey ranked us on different parameters with a score out of 5, where 5 is perfect, and 0 is dissatisfied. Here are the tallied response rates provided by our Advisor Insights:

Investment Advisor Survey Results

(All scores are out of five.)

  • ValueTrend is Trustworthy    4.7
  • ValueTrend has technical expertise  4.8
  • ValueTrend understands my life goals  4.3
  • Valuetrend meets my risk/return expectations  4.5
  • ValueTrend clearly and effectively communicates complex financial concepts  4.5
  • Valuetrend responds to my questions quickly and completely  4.6
  • ValueTrend demonstrates leadership by reassuring me during turbulent markets  4.6
  • ValueTrend protects me from making bad financial decisions  4.4
  • Valuetrend provides me with meaningful guidance  4.2



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