Online Technical Analysis Course: On sale only until July 31

Valid only to midnight, Monday, July 31, I am offering a 30% discount on my Online Technical Analysis Course. If you follow my work, you know that I rarely do such discounts. So get on this if you have not taken the course already. 

Here is the link to access the course and learn more:

Participants tell me that it’s the most valuable thing they have ever done towards maximizing their investment success.

30% Discount Code (valid only until July 31, 2023): TA30

Note: One reader asked me if the course differs from my books, given that he read all three books and enjoyed them.

My answer:

The course covers VASTLY more than the books. Especially on the money management side. I literally outline a step-by-step process illustrating how ValueTrend professionally operates our Equity Platform. Retail investors rarely receive access to this depth of the process. Also covered are psychology, and a step-by-step process as one starts looking for ideas. My sector rotation process, then my deep dive stock picking protocol is particularly valuable.

True, I did outline some parts of that system in my last 2 books (Sideways and Smart Money).  But the online course allowed me to become much, much more detailed! And quite frankly, that detail afforded it to be much more pragmatically useful for you to actually utilize the process. A book is a book, and a blog is a blog. But the course was literally designed to feel like you and I are working personally to design your own trading rules and macro strategies.

In a nutshell: I designed the Online Technical Analysis Course to be the magnum opus, you might say, of my work. If followed (it’s up to you to implement the rules), my system can save you uncounted thousands of dollars by avoiding mistakes, such as holding on too long to a losing stock, or entering/ exiting at the wrong time. Moreover, it can help add countless thousands of dollars in profits to your portfolio by increasing your odds of making the right moves. I honestly wished someone had offered this course to me 30 + years ago, rather than my having to learn the hard way.


  • Even the XLI that everyone says is breaking out. I don’t see a clean breakout on that weekly chart.

    • Correct Dave–XLI is just very early looking like a B/O but it can easily fail!!!!!!! See my new video


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