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December 29, 20232 Comments

Tomorrow I will publish my year-end rant blog. Its entitled “How to take over the world”. The topic this year is one that I was planning on writing about 2 years ago. However, I felt that most readers would not be open to discussing the WEF & its Great Reset agenda at that time. Since then, people have become much more aware of its reality.

The Great Reset is part of a generational creep towards a Globalist Marxist worldview. It started more than a decade ago within our schools. And now it’s penetrated countries through indoctrination and placement of cooperative political elites – backed by foreign electoral interference. No, its not a conspiracy theory.

I went to high school in the 1970’s and post secondary in the early 1980’s. Back then, teachers were there to discuss one thing. Their subject. No teacher EVER pushed a political/social view in a class I attended.  Doesn’t mean some didn’t hold such views. They just didn’t discuss those views in front of their classes. I expect it would have been frowned upon if they did.

Growing up, I was very connected to the teaching community. My entire family were teachers. Sure – they were left-leaning. That’s been a part of government employed union mentality forever – still is. But politics weren’t pushed.

In contrast, my kids were in high school and college in and around 2010-2015, which was the very early stages of the “new agenda”. I could write an entire blog on the stories my kids came home with.  This was the beginning of schools setting the stage for what is now the WEF’s Great Reset agenda.

Tomorrows blog covers the concepts of the Reset, along with Canada’s involvement. And why this matters. If you are a blog subscriber, you will NOT get the blog delivered to your inbox. I’d rather you not receive something that you don’t want to read.

If you want to read the blog, go to the blogsite tomorrow- Saturday Dec. 30. If you don’t want to read it, don’t.

You’ll get your normally scheduled financial analysis blogs next week.


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