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  • Keith, the market is down 400 points, BUT everything is rally off the lows and continuing UP
    Confused and frustrated

    • Hi Pete
      As noted on the blog–the week after black friday can be choppy – although sometimes its not so you never know. I guess Trump gave the market its excuse to be choppy. But for my two cents worth, this looks like an opportunity over the coming days to place cash into quality positions so long as SPX holds about 3030.

  • Hi Keith,

    Longtime lurker here, though I’ve enjoyed what you post. I’m wondering if you’ve ever compared your Bear-o-meter readings to actual somethings. I’m not sure if it would be best to compare it to the the market directly, or VIX, or some other more direct measure of risk. Basically, I suppose I’m asking if you’ve ever gone back and looked at how accurate the Bear-o-meter readings are at doing what they’re supposed to. I think it would be a really interesting read!

  • Keith and Alex, thank you for all the prep work you guys did for the webinar. The audio sucked big time, and I tried on 3 devices (computer, tablet and phone). You crackled in and out, full of static, half the comments intelligible. Not like your usual self. Appreciating your intent. Lana

    • Hi Lana
      Yes- we discovered that my office has the worst reception for the modem- so the high bandwidth required for the audio didn’t work as well. So–lesson learned. Next webinar (January 10) will be done from another room closer to the modem.that will solve the issue. Meanwhile, we will re-record the webinar from yesterday and post it with better audio to this blog for anyone interested.
      Frustrating for us for this to happen-but live and learn.

  • I know you are not constructive on the Canadian banks, what are your thoughts on the U.S. Financials.

    • I own the US banks via both an ETF and one individual bank–total weighting is about 8% I believe. So we like them, at least for now!

  • Hi Keith. It was a little tough hearing yesterday, but, thanks so much for doing that. Are you still backing U.S. financials? I believe you referenced XLF before. Is there a trade on that one?

    • Hi Tom–yes, we figured out what the problem with the audio was so we will fix it for the January 10th followup
      We don’t hold XLF but we do hold some US bank exposure–still like them, for now anyway!


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