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January 18, 20235 Comments

About a month ago, I conducted a webinar for the CATA (Canadian Association of Technical Analysts). I covered the important subject of creating a rule-based money management system. The presentation comes from a chapter in my Online Technical Analysis Course.

Below is the link to the webinar.  Watch this video to catch the important lessons on creating a structured process in your portfolio. Note: The transcript below the video does not include the webinar itself. It contains the questions asked at the end of the webinar. So be sure you watch the video itself for full benefits.

Money Management Presentation for the Canadian Association of Technical Analysts – ValueTrend

As an aside: This CATA is an organization that should appeal to most of you who read this blog. I am not affiliated with it, but I do recommend that readers consider joining the CATA. This is a group of investors who, like most of you, are not professionals in the Money Management business. In fact, many of you who read this blog are CATA members. And, like this blog, the organization can help you be a better “Do-it-yourself” Technical Analyst. A key benefit is that members get to participate in valuable webinars. Top Technical Analysts are invited to speak on a regular basis – and members have the unique opportunity to ask them questions. Here is the link to their webpage. I believe its $125 to join.


  • Hi Keith,
    During the seminar, which was before Christmas, your cash level was 30%. Have you raised more cash since then giving January’s high risk Bear-o-metre reading etc?

    • We continue to hover around 30% cash in the equity model. We are moving more and more out of US stocks – focusing on commodities and int’l. Keeping similar cash, just swapping positions. One step at a time – recall my principle of legging in.

  • Hi Keith,
    Thanks for the update👍
    When you say that you are legging in to commodities, does that include oil/natural gas positions? With China lifting its zero Covid policy, there is an argument to drive the price of oil higher as well as the on-going war with Ukraine and Russia especially as it seems that Putin is ramping up again. Although on the opposite side of that argument is the increased risk of a deeper recession. If the price of oil continues to climb, then inflation will likely tick back up to some degree forcing the FED to continue to raise interest rates causing a deeper recession. 🤦‍♀️
    The international trades also make a lot of sense with the assumption that the US dollar has peaked and there is a downward trend. Just on currency alone, those stocks will see a lift.

    • Beyond a couple of 2% positions in energy, we are not fully in that trade. We are legging into metals. We also like the international trade. Understand, when we leg in, yet retain 30% cash, it means we are really just selling and buying –aka a swap.


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