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September 13, 20224 Comments

Thanks to everyone who asked a question in our Ask us Anything blog. This time, we changed the format to video, with a transcript of the conversation below that video. So, you can read the transcript.

Note: the transcript is proof-read, but you still get a few “you know” and “um” notations in the verbiage.

The Ask us Anything blog received a whopping 24 individual questions. A few of them were paired together, given their similar themes. But for the most part, there was plenty of content to go through. As such, we kept our answers to the point.



You will note that a couple of questions were on the subject of income investing alternatives. This was too big a subject to keep down to a couple of minutes on the video – so I posted this blog with a more comprehensive answer. We were asked quite a variety of questions, including my market outlook, safe sectors to own in a bear market, sectors to own AFTER the bear market ends, the dollar, gold, and more. There’s something for everyone on this video. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is the link to the video page containing the video and the transcript.


Keith’s MoneyShow appearance this Saturday September 1th at 4:30pm

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  • Very interesting thank you Keith and Craig.

    Sad my question didn’t make it along with another person about banks (even though we made it in before Daddyo) that I would also be interested in.

    I watched it twice as I watched it late and I thought I fell asleep and missed my question 🙂

    • George–can you repeat your question–I may have covered it in the Income blog early this week–I did a look at the banks. Happy to address if on a future blog if it wasn’t covered in that blog.

      • This was my question on the AMA thread:

        Hi Keith/Craig

        I’m interested in your views on the auto industry and how EV will disrupt traditional manufacturers. People are likening Tesla to Apple and how it killed the phone market. Some say Tesla will be more profitable than Toyota with fewer cars made due to their high margins. Some say (gees I sound Jeremy Clarkson now) Ford/GM will go bankrupt in a matter of years as EV overtakes ICE and they can’t generate any real numbers in EV and even if they can, they can’t make money doing it.

        So I’d love to hear your view about the industry and if Craig is willing since you know how popular Tesla is, to take on the Tesla fundamentals. Specifically his opinion on the valuation. Some say the valuation is too high but according to my calculations using the PEG ratio, they will grow into it very quickly. IF Telsa is going to do what Apple did to phone companies it’s a no-brainer even at current prices. I definitely want to have a hedge at least since it came onto my radar (as an investment) and hope we’ll have the washout where it will go back down to the $200 level.

        Another person asked re banks: “Time to invest in Canadian banks?”

        You did respond to my question on your Sept. 5 blog on Sept 7. saying you’ll cover it in the video ( I assume you meant the AMA answers). I don’t recall but I will check the 3rd time :-).


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